Worship Leaders

The Gathering Gang


Kevin Hughes    Josh Hughes    Kim & Judy Senn     Peter Gloria

“Lord I Need You”

The Gathering Gang

Kevin Hughes

The Gathering Gang Leader. Kevin is a master in his skills of music. His vocals and guitar add to a wonderful worship and is unmatched. Kevin is a Charter Member of Gathering Community Church.

Josh Hughes

The percussion part of the Gang, Josh is an integral part of the group. He keeps the beat for the rest of the group to keep them in time.

Kim and Judy Senn

Kim and Judy are the heart of our Worship Leadership, beautiful back ups and featured vocals add to the experience of Worship. Kim and Judy are Charter Members of Gathering Community Church.

Peter Gloria

Peter is the Piano/keyboards player and is a welcomed addition to the gang, the addition of Peters skills is vital to our worship services. 

The Gathering Gang

Performs: Mary Did You Know

Kevin Hughes Acoustic Guitar and Vocal

Kevin White Keyboard

Josh Hughes Beat Box

In Loving Memory

Marcella Sheridan Grindstaff

It is with Heavy Hearts we remember a Charter Member of Gathering Community Church, the Original Worship Leader and a really sweet and loving mother, grandmother and friend to many. Her involvement in the Emmaus Group for our Gathering cannot be replaced.  We will forever miss you Marcie.

Celebrate Through Music

Ask about the Gathering Gang CD. All proceeds go to the GCC Building Fund. 

All performances by The Original Gang including piano by Marcella Grindstaff

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