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To the Gathering Community Church Family

As you receive this email, I pray for everyone’s well being and safety. I realize the concern of meeting together as this time is on everyone’s mind. This Sunday, March 22, 2020, if you feel comfortable, we as a church will meet for a very brief time at 10:00 AM in the open air within the church parking lot for prayer, Scripture, Information purposes and the collection of any titles some may want to contribute. It may be cool Sunday, so have the proper attire. After Sunday the following will apply.

Gathering Prayer Group

The Gathering Prayer Group is here for you, whatever your prayer need is, let us know, we will Pray for you. Please send your Prayer Request to: gatheringconnect@aol.com

It is with a heavy heart that this global crisis from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected us to the point of necessitating the extreme measure to suspend church services and every schedule meeting at this time. After consulting with various heads of church leadership, we have collectively agreed to comply with the recommendation from our state and national government for the safety of all by avoiding gatherings that could endanger the health of any congregant. We recognize the importance of helping our community by cooperating together. It gives us an opportunity to be good examples to our community as well. At this time, it is our hope that we can resume meeting together for worship on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM. However, we are preparing, if necessary, to remain compliant through April if requested of the public to do so.
Remember “the Church is not a building; it is the People.” During this time to remain connected, we will broadcast “live” every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM through the church’s facebook page. (You will need a facebook account to view the message) The Gathering Gang along with Dan Jiles will be doing their best to make sure a service is broadcast and available for all to gather from the comfort of home as Gathering Community Church. If you are not able to tune in live, then the broadcast will be available for viewing on the Gathering Community Church Facebook page, as well as, on the church website as a podcast/link at www.gatheringcommunitychurch.com.
The focus and aim are to create an opportunity to worship together and be linked in spirit and love each Sunday. If any announcements or information needs to be made, I will address them just before we begin with song and a message for the day. I will be committed on Wednesdays at some during the day, to send out an email with some encouraging thoughts for the week and to update you on any needs we have as a congregation of believers.
During this time small groups that meet in homes can still be enjoyed with proper sanitation such as the Monday evening prayer group and the Ladies Wednesday morning Bible Study. However, the monthly Gathering Ladies, the Men’s Breakfast and Emmaus Reunion Group meetings will not be held at this time.
It is my desire and hope to be back together as soon as it is safe for all to do so. Please remember God is bigger than any problem, crisis or situation. He will be glorified through this and we as a community of faith will be stronger and blessed. Two Scriptures you may want to reference are Philippians 4:13 and Matthew 19:26.
In the meantime, I am requesting that your Deacon contact you each Monday to check with you for any needs or concerns you have as well as praying with you during your conversation. Please be ready to receive their call. Also, I am listing the following contacts that may be of assistance to you as needs or questions arise during the absence of our Gatherings. Be assured we have others who are on standby as well to serve you and help you that are not listed below.
Important Contacts for Assistance and Needs
843-828-3333 (Church Office Voicemail)
843-215-3440 (Pastor’s Home), 843-340-0022 (Pastor’s Cell)
843-972-3166 (Bob Furr – Chairman of Deacons)
540-742-3908 (Monte Layman – Treasurer)
843-997-7112 (Kelly Redick – Email distribution)
315-717-5877 (Donna Felker – Secretarial/Ministry Assistance)
843-318-2242 (Dee Quance – Prayer Team Leader)
931-808-1899 (Dennis Brasel – Leadership Chairman)
724-312-0475 (Elle Little) and 518-390-4190 (Kathleen Styga) – (Food Assistance)
843-457-4709 (Kevin Hughes)
843-446-6352 (Dan Jiles – Live Streaming)
During the time of interruption, you can still help the church body through Tithing. You are encouraged to continue your support of the church as you are able by mailing your title to our P.O. Box. Just as a reminder the church bills still have to be honored. We are doing our part by cutting back on some things to help in this process. The treasurer will receive your tithe and continue his work on behalf of the church body. The address for secured mailing is Gathering Community Church P.O. Box 1813, Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576. Thank you for your support.
Proud To be Your Pastor,
Rev. Benjy Simmons

Messages from Pastor Benjy Simmons while we are unable to Gather and Worship together. 

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“The Unstoppable Power of God”

Acts 5:33-42

Message date: 03.29.2020

Your works, your service, your life is not dependant upon your strength, it’s dependant upon God’s Power. When he is at work… it is “UNSTOPPABLE”

Are you tired of handling Your Situation? Will you trust God To Provide His Power?


“How To Find Peace”

John 14:25-31

Message date: 03.22.2020

also can be found via Podcast for listening on your device whenever you are in need of a pick me up. 


“Gathering Open Air”


Message date: 03.22.2020

The building is just a vessel that allows the church to come together and Worship. This morning , The Church, the people, Came together in the parking lot for a small Gathering of Worshippers to hear the Word of God, to Sing His Praises and Pray for guidance and strength. 

Here is that video of our short time together. Please excuse the sounds of the outdoor noises and hear Pastor Benjy’s message of comfort and hope.

Gathering Community Church

A Church Where All Are Welcome

“Come as you are to a Church Community where you will experience Christ’s Love”
Our Mission

Encourage Biblical and Simplistic Living in Christ

Our Purpose

Is for each one to be encouraged and empowered by Christ’s Love. It is our hope that each person is motivated to share His or Her love with the community in which they live.

The Body in Christ is lead by Pastor Rev. Benjy Simmons

Our Worship

Consist of a blended style of music, joys and concerns, prayer, Holy Communion and relevant, biblical teaching for today’s culture. 

“In Remembrance Of Me”

The Gathering Gang

A gathering of Christians, coming together in simple faith and belief.

Gathering Community Church of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, is a body in Christ who assemble for worship and fellowship. “The Gathering” is every Sunday Morning at 10:00 A.M. Together we enjoy the grace, love and wholeness Christ offers to everyone.

He Loves You Unconditionally And Is Waiting For You To Give Him Your Heart!

“Lord. I admit I cannot handle my life any longer, I believe you are the answer to my chaos. Save me, fill me and use me. Thank you Lord for my new life today. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

If you have prayed this prayer and believe you have new life in Christ, first, tell someone about your decision. Then find a bible based church and serve others with the new love Christ has planted within your heart. If you would like for us to pray for you whether it be a new decision in Christ or if you need prayer for your life’s situation, please allow us to help you. Email your request to gatheringcc@frontier.com

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